Happy Birthday to Us

Joy In Your Space was born in October of 2007. 

To Honor our 8th Year in Business we’re sharing our Top 8 Tips
with links to the original article for even MORE advice!

1. A Place for Everything and Everything in its Place Assign every item you own a designated spot to “live” and return items to their “home” after use. 

2. Nostalgize Objects with memories are tough to toss and they take up a lot of space. Let go of  items by “Nostalgizing:” take a mental picture and hold onto that!  

3. Ask “Why” Before You Buy Answer key questions before bringing purchases home. 

4. Don’t Touch, Look with Your Eyes Want to rid your life of excess? Don’t touch what you want to purge. 

5. Work Backwards to Manage Time To get out the door on time and meet a deadline, work backward from your end point and plan out each step. 

6. Upgrade your Personal Operating System Re-Boot with a positive spin and work toward your goal.

7. Say Yes to What Matters Knowing your life values helps prioritize your time and actions. Remember, “No” is a full sentence.

8. Take Small Steps Overwhelm takes time to build — so does clearing stress and space. Celebrate every little step along your journey.

P.S. Joy and Kelly are also celebrating birthdays this month…
let us know if, you, too are a Libra!

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