APR: Accountability Produces Results

Our April advice, entitled: A.P.R. Accountability Produces Results, isn’t just a clever acronym. It is true! Accountability partnerships DO produce results.

They also promote and provide:
• personal integrity
• a safe space for reflection
• successful structure

Our world is opening up. Our options are increasing.
Our attention might be waning. How do we maintain focus on our goals? Our solution: not alone!

Accountability is synonymous with responsibility; it means getting things done. Starting to accomplish or pushing through the final steps of a project can seem like a monumental task on your own.

Clients benefit from using Joy or Kelly as their accountability partner in Zoom or FaceTime calls lasting anywhere from 10 minutes to 3 hours: it all depends on the person, the project and the hurdle.

Let’s decide together what amount of support will:
• help YOU get unstuck
• allow you to follow through on your goals
• provide the structure and support you need.

Kelly follows this advice weekly in her Tuesday morning long-standing Accountability Partnership call and her follow-up “working” session on Friday mornings. Without these placeholders, she wouldn’t be able to:
• process
• focus on
• reflect upon her successes
• or learn from her mistakes.

Kelly and her Accountability Partner, Yasmin at a colleague’s wedding

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