About Us

Joy In Your Space is a mother-daughter organizing business. Our passion for creating order and making sense of spaces grew from our need to help others. We know that organization is essential for a more productive life. And we want everyone to live to their fullest.

Since 2007, we have helped our clients throughout the Philadelphia area cut stress from their lives. If you are preparing to move, shifting career paths, or want help managing your ‘stuff’ — we’re experts at making the best use of space — whatever space you have. Finally be able to find what you need when you need it! Reduce duplicate purchases. Reclaim and preserve valuable storage space with our expertise.

We blend our professional pasts with our current life experience to bring custom systems to our clients’ papers, clothes, or keepsakes. Invite us to create a system tailored to your personal needs and lifestyle.

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The Process

We start with a no-fee half-hour phone consult.
• we ask targeted questions to understand your goals
• you ask about our working style and learn what you can expect from us
• we explain our services, policies, and fees
• you schedule your first in-home appointment

Our first appointment in your home or office allows us to visually gain a better understanding of your needs.
• We can propose a range of solutions for you to carry out on your own.
• Or you can — like most clients — ask us to dive in and transform your space from chaos toward calm.

We will not MAKE you get rid of things.
We WILL help you achieve your goals — which may include letting go of items that have lost their purpose or usefulness in your current lifestyle. That decision is yours to make.

We WILL re-purpose.
We strive to eliminate trash and waste. When you’re ready to let something go…we help you find an appropriate (non-landfill) home for clothing, housewares, books, toys, etc; we’re quite creative and resourceful.