MAY We Help You?

So many possibilities are opening up. Like safely working in person! Joy and Kelly are double vacced and ready to help you clear any new or accumulated clutter from pandemic sheltering in.

While sheltering in or working from home, some of us have been busy decluttering and some of us have not stayed as on top of our homes as we’d like. For Kelly, the external motivation of anticipating company was always a fantastic incentive to keep things neat.

No company = No incentive.

Even organizers can feel this way!
We're double vacced now!

It’s time to dust off our dining room tables. Clear our kitchen counters. Flex our organizing muscles and get back in shape for guests.
MAY we help you:
• Clear Clutter?
• Donate Discards?
• Create Calm?

What if you aren’t ready to invite us in? That’s okay! Virtual organizing is here to stay.
We are thrilled by how well in-person clients adapted to doing it all on their own (physically) with our virtual support. We continue to see amazing results from new clients’ accomplishments following our directions via Zoom and FaceTime calls.

Don’t know how you want to work with us?
Schedule a call to:
• talk about your goals
• understand your needs
• figure out a plan that’s comfortable.

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