Clutter is a roadblock to productivity.
You want to live in a home that reflects your interests, values and aesthetic. Too much stuff can complicate your life and get in your way. Our proven techniques speed the decision process of what to keep and how to store it so you regain control over how you want to live. We offer take-away of many donation items and handle resale of items of higher value.

Set yourself up for success.
Conquer your piles and stop losing time searching for things. Together, we’ll set up a filing system that works. You’ll finally find what you need when you need it and cross tasks off your list! Stress will disappear as order moves in.

Maximize your Storage
Wardrobe Closets: When getting dressed is an issue, we’re full of solutions. Our fashion expertise moves you from a full closet with “nothing to wear” to a clearer space with smarter options. We advise the best ways to store and easily reach your belongings. Don’t need a full closet overhaul? Call us to change your closets over seasonally.

Closets and storage areas: Linen closets, play spaces, and craft areas are great spaces to cull and categorize. We love weeding through stuff to create the most age-appropriate work space for your household.

Transitions: Space & Time

Help Moving In
New construction, relocation, and renovations create chaos in your life.
We bring order to these hectic times. In kitchens, pantries, bathrooms, and home offices, our expertise gets you up and running in no time.

If you’re getting ready for a move or getting married, we can help streamline your belongings and combine households before the movers pack you up. Once in your new place, we’ll turn your space into a well-functioning home with our swift unpacking, storage skills, and ideal furniture arrangement.

Vacations, summer camp, and travel bring their own level of stress.
Hire a professional packer so you can focus on your travel experience, ease the stress of your child’s summer away at camp, or family vacation. No journey is too short or small for our attention to detail.

Help Through Illness and Death
Dealing with poor health or a loss presents many challenges.
Grieving is a process which unfolds for each person and family differently. Our experience allows us to be flexible and sensitive toward each situation.
• We clear the personal items within a loved one’s space using our resources for donation and resale. We smartly pack things for posterity.
• Loss (of life or independence) can strain a household; we’ll help structure an easier flow of everyday life to help families through a crisis.

Launch Your Child
Sometimes, when your son or daughter graduates (from any life milestone) the transition is overwhelming. While we are parents, we are not YOUR child’s parent — so tension never enters into our working relationship. We will quickly and sensitively help your college-bound child or graduate consider their belongings from clothes to memorabilia so they can move on to their next chapter treasuring their past without being burdened by it.

Staging for Open Houses
Our ideal layout of furniture, arrangement of artwork and home decluttering allows a buyer to “see themselves” in the space. If you’ve already hired a stager but feel stuck following their instructions — we’re the roll-up-your-sleeves know-how and support you need.

Talks and Workshops

INVITE US to customize a presentation for your group. 
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• Fun • Feeling • Future Thinking • Free of the Past
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