About Joy and Kelly

Joy Effron

Give Joy a room and in no time she will make it cozy and welcoming.
“I am a saver.  Artwork, family photographs, and my scarf collection all have designated places in my home. My decades-worth of experience as a teacher make my instructions clear. I am patient, and expert in teaching good habits. I will not let you get overwhelmed because we’ll always break things down into manageable tasks.”

Joy’s Specialties

• Wardrobe Assessments
Look and feel your best with Joy’s eye for style in your closet.
Joy’s your perfect partner for change of season switchovers or career changes.

• Kitchens
Function and aesthetics are her trademarks
Invite Joy in to unpack you into your new or recently remodeled kitchen or bathroom.

• Closets and Storage
Maximize your storage spaces and put what you use where you need it.

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Kelly Galfand

Kelly’s motto is: out with the old, in with the new, and recycle as you go!
“Sentimental keepsakes have a home in my heart, but not on my shelves. I am a natural born problem-solver. I love understanding what people need to accomplish and helping them figure out the best way to taste success. As a former graphic designer, I bring creativity, an open ear, and sensible solutions to each individual’s space.”

Kelly’s Specialties

• Paperwork
Kelly and you will decide the best way to handle papers in your home whether they live in the kitchen, home office, or in various piles on the floor.

• Workspaces
Make workspaces work for you: accomplish professional tasks, kids’ homework, household projects and enjoy hobbies with a fully outfitted work space.

• Time Management
Let Kelly teach you to make realistic time projections and schedule your action steps so you can say goodbye to procrastination. She is a David Allen GTD fan.


Each session brings more clarity and calm to your closet, desk, bedroom…whichever area we organize.

As a mother daughter team we understand family dynamics.
We are sensitive to family issues, ADHD diagnoses, and are flexible with people’s working styles. Most organizing appointments are individual sessions with Joy or Kelly. Larger projects and tight deadlines are perfect for the organizing team of Joy and Kelly.

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We teach a variety of topics like closet maintenance, paperwork systems, and time management. A number of valuable collaborations are in the works and we are always developing new workshops for specific audiences.

Clearing Clutter with a Commitment to Mother Earth. We recycle, repurpose and donate a tremendous amount to local charities and find homes for your give-aways. Don’t be surprised that we’ve never ordered a dumpster for even the largest of jobs.