Q: Why hire a professional organizer?
A: To save time! Many people try to organize themselves again and again with little to NO success. They’ve bought organizing supplies galore or read the latest decluttering book…and still have no progress to show for their time and effort. When you hire a Professional Organizer:
• you are no longer alone in your battle against clutter
• you see and feel immediate results
your stress melts away as we break down overwhelming tasks into small attainable goals
• you gain cheerleaders to help you maintain your focus to finish the job.

At Joy In Your Space, we also solve the problem of “now what do I do with it?”
• We offer donation pick-up and delivery services.
• We find homes for your donations so no useful item becomes trash.

Q: What should I do before my walk-through and first appointment?
A: Nothing! We’re here to relieve stress. We prefer that you not lift a finger in advance of our visit. We want to see how you really live. Then we can pinpoint sources of clutter build-up and steer you toward better habits.

Q: How long does ‘getting organized’ take?
A: That depends. Our goal is to get you to your destination – as painlessly as possible. Many things influence the process; the greatest determining factor is how easily you make decisions. Variables that speed and delay decision-making are: emotions, energy, motivation, budget, and time available.

Remember, “Getting Organized” is not a destination — just like “Getting in Shape” is not a once-and-done activity. As you flex new organizing muscles you learn new approaches for staying on top of piles and deadlines: how quickly you “shape-up” is impossible to predict. Every client sees results in their first session.

Q: How do we protect clients and your privacy?
A: We are sensitive to your situation and keep everything confidential. Medical information, diagnoses, financial status, and personal matters remain private. That said, since our business grows primarily by word of mouth, we love when you to spread the word while we remain silent about our customer base.

As members of NAPO we are bound by a Code of Ethics.