Decluttering Advice: Don’t Touch!

STATISTIC: You are 30% more likely to keep something IF YOU TOUCH IT!

When “window shopping” at a brick and mortar store:
• To stick to your budget or your shopping list, resist the urge to handle items on sale. You will become attached before you’ve decided if you like them!

When shopping on-line:
• The more intimate your device, the closer you are to “feeling ownership” which inches you toward a buy. Whenever possible, curb excess purchases by shopping on-line with a mouse (not a touch screen).

When decluttering at home:
• To reduce your shoe collection or clear an office bookshelf, work with a partner.
• Have them clear the shelf (or area) and show you each item — one at a time.
• DO NOT TOUCH during this weeding process.
If you must inspect something: 
(To be sure there aren’t any important notes in the margins or paper bills between the pages)
• put the question items in a “maybe” pile
• touch only at the end of the sorting session

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