Nostalgize…To Let Go

You didn’t mis-read the title. “Nostalgize” is not a word…well not a real word. But our client coined it and it works — for saying goodbye to sentimental items.

“Ray” (not his real name) was sorting a pile of old, personal papers in his home office. He came across an event invitation from long ago. He knew he didn’t need it, but he wasn’t quite ready to let it go. How could he throw this out when it had meant so much?
• He held it in both hands, saying aloud, “Let me nostalgize this for a minute.”
• Then he put it in his recycle pile. Just like that.
Now we share this magical verb with other clients
(with Ray’s blessing).

Your turn…

Find something in your house (or office) that meant something to you,
but no longer needs to stick around in a physical state
• Hold it, read it, turn it over — whatever is appropriate
• Allow yourself to go back in time to that moment
• Savor it! Live in that memory for a few seconds…
   that’s the magic in letting go.
  You still have the memory, you don’t need the stuff!

— If you worry you’ll forget some visual details, take a digital snapshot
before you let the item go…in an environmentally-kind way.

If you are interested in learning more about letting go:
Call Joy: 610-745-1236 or Kelly: 610-896-6896

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