10 Holiday de-stress tips

Make the most of your celebrations from beginning to END

PLAN 1. Make to do lists:
• Create a menu plan, shopping list, and meal sequence
    —Kelly’s family is mad for Anylist.
• Delegate tasks (even food shopping).
    —Pre-purchased gift cards make it easy to send a guest to the store.

PLAN 2. Do what you can as early as possible.
• Set the table days in advance.
   —Joy labels the serving pieces for each dish so guests can help transfer from kitchen to table.
• Purchase inexpensive tupperware or ziplocs to give guests left-overs.
PLAN 3. Decorate…a festive house sets the tone.
•  Build in time to dust wreaths, decorations, menorah’s, and folding chairs from the basement or attic.
PLAN 4. Decide what activity — other than eating — to share with guests.
• a walk around the neighborhood between dinner and dessert?
• hearing from family elders about thanksgivings past or their earliest Christmas memories?
• family touch football?
PLAN 5. Get enough sleep the night before so you enjoy the big day!
ENJOY 6. Take family photos while everyone is gathered.
• Write down the combinations you want.
• Put one guest in charge of making sure you capture the moment.
ENJOY 7. Assign teenagers the task of clearing between courses.
•  Delegate to guests while your event is still underway.
ENJOY 8. Be present and enjoy the celebration.
• Don’t think about the table and the dishes piling.
Sit back and soak in the people gathered together.
WRAP UP 9. Put your house back in order.
• Allow time to return borrowed chairs to the attic, basement, or friends.
WRAP UP 10. Make a photo album from tip #6!
• Kelly is a newly converted fan of MyPublisher (they offer special discounts on duplicates — we’re thinking next year’s gift!)


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