October News: Happy Birthday To Us

Celebrate life’s blessings.

Opening presents sure can be fun — but dealing with the hassle of wrapping paper, tissue wrap, ribbons, and recycling trash can sometimes be the bummer at the end of the party. That task sometimes falls to US…even on our own birthdays. As Joy and Kelly turn one year older this month, we gave each other (and our families) the gift of captured moments with a professional family photo sittingWe got all of the shots we wanted PLUS. What kinds of gifts can you give this year that don’t involve packaging or plastic and don’t take up room on shelves? Theater events, spa treatments, and special meals out are just a few ways to celebrate the good times in life with the people you love.

Kelly with husband        Unexpected family shot: Hands     Joy with husband

FALL in-love with your Wardrobe

Real estate — not just a housing market term — is one approach we use with available wardrobe storage. Prime real estate should hold your everyday go-to items. Look at how you store your clothing…is there a better way to use your prime real estate? If you need help figuring out the best way to arrange your clothing, coordinate outfits, or pair accessories — call! Creating from what you already own is our specialty. We also advise if it’s better to invest in what you currently own with tailored adjustments or if you’re better off purchasing new foundation pieces for your cooler-weather wardrobe. Now is the time to put your best dressed foot forward!

In addition to storage expertise, we:
• coordinate wardrobe selections for big trips
• arrange your closet for easy dressing
• take the agony out of accessorizing
• create to-do lists for alterations, shoe repairs, and special cleaning to lead you into each new season ready and chic!

Clear Your Mental Clutter

Peter Walsh, clutter expert and organizational consultant says it best“For me, clutter is anything that gets between you and the life you want to be living. While that can be the physical stuff, it can also be the stuff in your head that’s a hurdle for you — the ‘negative-speak’ that destroys your self-esteem, or the quick reflexive rush to judgement or the out-of-proportion angry response. It can be repeated poor communication or some behavior that you know you should change but just don’t seem to be able to. In my world, all of these are clutter and — just like the physical stuff — can be things that stop you living the best life you can.”

We agree and we offer help for clearing your mental clutter. Some of our workshop participants might remember our ‘clutter buddy’ system; a ‘mental clutter buddy’ can help you unlock the key to your own indecisiveness and mental wheel-spinning. Here are some questions to ask if you choose to engage in a meaningful dialogue toward a clearer mind:
• What’s holding you back from change?
• Do you have the information you need to make a decision that’s weighing on your mind?
• Will it help to set a deadline for your next action?

And the big question: Who in your life is a wise and patient sounding board to be YOUR mental clutter buddy? Please let us know whom you choose as YOUR mental clutter buddy. 

If you enjoy our advice or have a question, call: 610-896-6896.

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