What’s on Fire?

Our clients ask the BEST questions…

What’s on fire? Nancy (not her real name) is Kelly’s Tuesday client. We work together 3 out of every 4 weeks a month. Our tasks range from handling paperwork to creating order in each room. Because Nancy takes a whole house approach to her organizing investment, she can afford to take a break from a room project when something is ‘on fire.’ The first time it happened Kelly was all set to start on Nancy’s craft room — a creative suite that had Kelly drooling to whip into shape  — only to find Nancy at the door in a panic: “We can’t start on the craft room…we have fires to put out!” Since then, “Is anything on fire in your life?” is a regular question we ask. Clients love looking at their lives —not just their home spaces – for ways to use the firefighting organizer in their life. And so a trend was born: “What’s on fire?”

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