Be Prepared: Think Like a Squirrel

In honor of National Emergency Preparedness Month…

With one more week left of National Preparedness Month, what one step you’re taking to be prepared? If you think that getting ready for an emergency might bring one on…or if it feels like a paranoid state of mind to hoard supplies…consider squirrels. Squirrels are preparedness experts. They collect nuts (food and fuel) all fall and build cozy nests (shelter) to ensure a comfortable winter. Their natural reflex to collect doesn’t invite trouble. Storms happen. Being prepared will help you ‘weather’ any emergency.
These simple things can make emergencies less stressful:
• Post emergency phone numbers of contact people (and a neighbor) somewhere near a central phone in your house
—Paper phone lists are helpful when you can’t rely on your electronic devices.
• Stock your day bag/backpack and car with some healthy protein bars so you have mental energy to deal with a crisis if you’re delayed on the road.
Kelly was glad her purse was stocked during a shopping trip with her youngest!
• Blankets aren’t just for picnics! Store an extra blanket in your car and sneakers in case you have to walk a distance to find help while traveling.
• Plan a household firedrill and decide where family members should meet to make sure everyone’s okay
When you walk through the physical steps of how to get out, you’ll realize what paths you need to clear to make an easy exit.
When Kelly’s family talked about an ‘exit plan’ it led to a single purchase: this cool window ladder to be stored in her daughter’s second floor bedroom, the only room without a tree or rooftop to climb onto. Figure out what will make your family feel peace of mind.This informative link

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