Work Backward to Manage Time

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Over the years, I’ve identified two big reasons people lose productivity:

1. getting stuck in time sucks (my time-wasters are email and Facebook)
 underestimating how long something will take

Here are my 3 ways to be powerfully productive

Datexx cube timer

1. Use timers
My favorites are:
• the alarm settings and stop watch function on smart phones
the kitchen oven timer which forces you to get up to turn it off
• the datexx cube timer (mine sits on my desk)

2. Become a better estimator
Plotting projects on paper is my personal guard against under-estimating how long each part of a project will take. Planning every detail in 5-15 minute increments forces you to:
• break down every task into its smallest actionable parts
 see how long a project will take by mapping it out on paper

Today I Will Accomplish worksheet to break your day into 15 minute intervals3. Work Backwards
Plan an entire day, or a tricky 3 hour stretch — so everything that needs to get done, gets done. This worksheet helps me plan how I can spend my time wisely.

I will accomplish worksheet

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