AUG: Audit Unused Gadgets

If cutting excess clothes from your closet didn’t float your boat, maybe a gadget audit will “suit” you?

The virtual rooms of school and work have added tech paraphernalia to our drawers and desk areas.
Pop-up classrooms and offices invite excess:
• free-standing mics & earbuds
• USB adaptors & chargers
• wifi boosters & extra monitors
• external speakers & noise-cancelling headsets
Throughout AUG — from anywhere within your home — Audit Unused Gadgets.

Is it useful?
It’s time to look at what really gets used.
If you have more than one of the same gadget, device, or thing, decide between the two:
• which is the most useful
• AND the easiest to use
(or clean or charge)
Is it useful to YOU?
• remember to ask if it is STILL useful in your life

Is it unique?
Especially if this isn’t your only pen-knife, dual time-zone watch, muffin tin, lemon zester:
• Is really so different and special from whichever other one(s) you own?
Another way to ask this question:
• Does it solve a unique problem?

How user-friendly is it?
Only you can answer for yourself how easy something is to reload, recharge, handle, and manage.

Up-to-date and updatable are different considerations.
Some classics never go out of style. Other items drop in “class” when they can’t be updated in today’s e-world.
Make sure all your keepers have a designated spot when not in use.
Otherwise, clutter-creep will take over your work & prep surfaces and fill your drawers.

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