SEPT: Secure Every Password Today

Despite not being tech guru’s, we are committed to keeping you safe. So we checked with experts and compiled some best practices to Secure Each Password…starting Today. It’s also our way of highlighting SEPT as National Emergency Preparedness Month.

Protect what’s yours.
• Use a healthy dose of vigilance.
• Set up an extra layer of protection.
• Remain cautious about sharing information.

Control your passwords.
• Use a password manager like Bitwarden.
— Password managers allow for complex and random passwords. This builds safety and security. 

Lock electronic “doors”.
On-line, our assets are personal information. 
• Especially with sites that use or store financial information, add 2-step authentication (or 2-factor authentication) to your log-in process.
• Never re-use passwords.
— Using the same password for multiple sites puts you at added risk. If one service you use gets hacked, scammers will be able to apply that stolen information to your other accounts. 

Get serious about electronic safeguards:
Explore the privacy and security settings of your most commonly used apps, especially social media apps. Learn more about privacy and security on this great YouTube channel.

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