MAY: Choose May Over Can

During the month of MAY, forget about what you Can do.

Sometimes asking if you can accomplish a task, finish a project or take care of someone gets us into trouble. There are SO many things you CAN do. You are awesome, for goodness sakes! It may not be wise for you to do all that you “Can.”

When you’re busy doing everything you can, you let ability dictate necessity.

Question whether you should do something just because you can.
• Weigh the payoff of YOU doing it
— maybe there’s greater value in delegating
• Delete the task from your list
radical thinking to some…maybe it really doesn’t need to be achieved (despite how long you’ve been doing it or have had it on your list/mind/plate
• Defer to a future time
— make this choice consciously rather than out of procrastination 

You might have to experiment with giving yourself permission. If you asked and answered from the power seat of life, what could you ALLOW yourself to do?

• Reach for a goal
— you are the only one standing in your way
• Learn a new hobby

— now is the perfect time to invest in yourself
• Focus on YOU for a change

— remember the safety rules for airplane flight: “Put your own mask on first.” We have to be reminded to put ourselves first.
— What or whom are you putting ahead of yourself? Examine if that’s the right choice for you now.

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