Beyond The Desk Before & Afters

You may have seen our segment on PHL17 focusing on creating workspaces while socially distancing. But you never got a chance to see the before and after images side by side.
By special request, we’re walking you through the three transformed work spaces.

Universal Tips for ANY Work Space
• When standing or sitting: pay attention to your posture
— You don’t want to strain your neck or aggravate your back
• Add task lighting and proper power to charge and use electronic devices.
2 tools you should add despite our warnings to be minimalistic:
an analog clock to help keep to a schedule and a timer (we’re partial to Time-Timers) which help you see time.

Built In Bookcase Transformed

Some bookcases lend themselves to this make-over, especially those with a deeper base like the cabinet style pictured.
• Rearrange your shelf contents, or shift contents completely to another space as we did with the wine bottles
• To sit while working: find a chair or stool at or adjusted to the appropriate, comfortable height

Under-The-Stairs Closet Transformed 

This closet is ideal because, like the bookcase, the lower shelves are deeper:
— This allows more “head space” to think and focus.
• Your “work surface” shelf should be sturdy
— add support as needed
• Adjust shelves to the proper height for sitting or standing
• If you can’t adjust the shelf, use an adjustable seat
• Don’t overlook the option for a standing desk
— add a cushioned standing mat for comfort

Spare Bedroom Transformed 

Many have asked “What happened to the bed?!” It’s still there…just not as “bed-like”
• By removing the pillow and changing the bedspread, the bed becomes an additional work or storage surface
and a comfortable reading area without saying “sleep”

• Take the time to remove any visual clutter
• Rearrange (or remove) furniture to put what you need where you need it.
• Keep a box, bin or crate handy to create a “pop-up” standing video chat “station” to check in with colleagues or professors via Zoom or Skype.
— Face the window for the best effect.

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