Think Beyond The Desk

Working from home during Covid-19 is different from how you may have worked from home before…so your workspace should not be a replica of your “office.” 

3 Tips to Make Your Work Space Work for You

1. Know Your Needs
— what tasks do you need to perform for your job?
— what tools do you need within reach?

2. Pick a Spot
— think beyond the desk
— consider areas that have the appropriate work surface or internet

3. Get Set Up
— be a minimalist: move in only the essentials 
— add a way to track time: think analog clock and timers
— add task lighting as needed

Behind-the-scenes tip: If you need to Skype or Zoom soon, go old-school in these new tech days and use a post-it to remind yourself to look at the camera 🙂

Joy can be camera shy but she never holds back from being Kelly’s behind-the-scenes wardrobe stylist, location assistant
and tech back-up.

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