How Kelly Shed 19 Every Month

Before COVID19, the number 19 could have sounded arbitrary. For me, it had tremendous significance. Throughout 2019 Kelly’s 19 was a repeating event on our family’s electronic calendar; it popped up every Monday. If I hadn’t created a “public” weekly reminder, I would never have been as committed.

I decided I was living with too much stuff. Can you relate?! In celebration of 2019, I committed to letting go of 19 items a month. I wish I had documented my journey better but I’ll focus on the photos I can share: 

The idea started December 31, 2018 while unpacking from our winter vacation.. I realized I had lived out of a suitcase for 2 weeks without wearing everything AND was returning to a full closet of clothes. 

It was easy at first; some clothes no longer fit. Others items no longer fit my life. Puzzles and rarely used cookbooks plus lids with no bottoms started leaving the house in greater numbers.

228 items later, I am still looking for things to shed: articles of clothing and stuff we no longer use. It is a slower process but letting go is always top of mind.

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