Joy’s SIP Routine

While sheltering in place (SIP), Joy created a schedule around organizing, connecting and healthy living. If you asked if she’s going stir-crazy…the answer is “NO!”  Joy’s schedule is pretty reliable and packed with plenty of outdoor walks, time with friends via virtual dates and a healthy dose of organizing & cleaning projects!  

Here’s her routine:

Make bed   
Do stretching exercises
Watch “Let’s Make A Deal”
..she loves Wayne Brady
Walk 11-11:45/12 pm 

Bridge with her besties 1-3 pm
Joy’s partner Bunny and she play against Connie & Gail. They’ve been friends for 70 years. This is the longest any of them have gone without seeing each other.

Her afternoons are reserved for organizing or cleaning.
Organizing projects: 
• every drawer of her desk
• culled her bookshelves
• her stationery collection – matching every card with an envelope; no mate = toss.
• extensive photo sorting (her mother did the same for her)
Household cleaning projects:
• had her windows professionally cleaned which forced her to clean inside as well
• swapped out light bulbs for LED’s throughout her house
• gardened and continues to water her outdoor deck plantings in the hope that she’ll have a bbq at least once this summer!
• dusted Kelly’s doll house (which led to a fun trip down memory lane)

Joy has kept Kelly’s childhood doll house. It provided hours of entertainment to her grandkids and visiting nieces and nephews. Who knew that while SIP it would entertain Joy so much!

She noticed a layer of dust so she vacuumed it and rearranged the furniture, power washed the outside and ended up playing…In her own words:

It did start as a dusting “job” but it turned into a full hour trip back to my childhood while I played and rearranged the furniture (especially now that it was sparkling clean!) Anyone who knows me knows that is one of my favorite things to do…It’s so much easier to move the couch in a doll house!

Dinner is between 6 and 7 pm
• If Joy eats at Kelly’s (we’re SIP’ing together), she takes another walk with the Galfands and their dogs.
• If Joy eats alone, she finishes her crossword and makes her calls.
Get ready for bed
 one of her new favorite Netflix shows

All in all, Joy’s been busy and content but she does miss being with all of you.  

Catch Up with Joy!
She’s been connecting with at least 2 different people by phone a day. She always call a friend and usually a family member. Let her know if and when YOU want a call!

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