Do Organizers Practice What We Preach?

We recently worked with an annual client: a mom who calls us in once a year to revamp the heavy traffic areas of her home as her family grows and her needs change. She asked: “Do you practice what you preach?” Our answer: YES! We follow 4 basic rules:

The only way to prevent clutter build up is to make sure that everything has a place to live.
Once something has a home, it has to get returned to its home to maintain order in your spaces.
Every system needs to be maintained.
Read proof of how we follow
our most touted advice:

So Kelly LOVES to juice. Fresh lemon juice goes into every salad dressing. Fresh lime juice refreshes most fruit bowls. Many of her fish recipes require loads of citrus. So her juicer, which also has a convenient measuring cup as its “collector” is a true staple in her kitchen. Pictured below on the left, it HAD a primo spot in her most accessible gadget drawer. Until…

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