FEB: Finally Emotional Breakthrough

While relationship advice is not our soapbox, Valentine’s Day prompts us to remind you to fall in love with your stuff. First, you might need to get real honest and admit it’s time to break up with some of your stuff.

FEB: Finally, Emotional Breakthrough. On many occasions — with a variety of clients — we have witnessed emotional breakthroughs that start with a break-up. People find their stuff:

  • no longer brings them JOY
  • doesn’t fit their life anymore
  • is more work to maintain than the value of owning it
  • reminds them of less happy times

Sample Scripts for a Successful Break-up:

• Sorry, you don’t bring utilitarian “joy” to my life anymore

• You take up way too much of my time, attention and energy. Don’t call me, I’ll find you!

• We’ve outgrown each other. I am an adult now. It’s time my space reflected my current status.

Benefits of an Emotional Breakthrough:

Freedom to invite whatever you want into your life

Space to welcome a newer “model” into your life

Confidence to re-envision other aspects of your life that may have stagnated

Courage to create a better reality for yourself in 2019

If you need some hand-holding  to break up with your:
• 30 yr old couch
• crates of grad school notebooks
• banker’s boxes of elementary school papers
• plastic tub of empty photo frames
• garage graveyard of older generation appliances or electronics
— call us. We LOVE helping you fall in love (with your spaces) again!

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