NOV: Nominate Only Valuable Elements

With elections in the air, one can’t help but think about voting. Stay in that mental space because we want you in “vote-mode.” As you switch over to warmer clothing and start layering, you will want to get serious about which “candidates” have earned your vote to stick around another season. 

During this month of NOV: Nominate Only Valuable Elements. Follow our decluttering rules for any area of your life, but especially your fall/winter wardrobe.

• Double check that your fall and winter elements have weathered spring and summer without losing elasticity, style or fit!

• Decide if each element still warrants your care and attention. The more you keep, the more you have to keep up! Why store it if you don’t love it?

• Make sure your belongings work well together. Spend time ensuring you have the makings of complete outfits, outerwear for all types of weather and accessories that keep you warm and fashion forward.

• You may find you need to replace a thing or two. Better to know this going into winter instead of finding yourself without waterproof boots or gloves that have a mate!

Follow our rules to find JOY in getting dressed and layered for all occasions — and maybe permission to shop for a new item.

If you’ve forgotten how to vote, or you’ve lost your veto-power, we can help. Call us to define and refine your best closet contents and storage system.


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