DEC: Do Everything Consistently!

Consistency is a wonderful thing. We’ve consistently delivered a year’s worth of monthly-themed organizing advice.

In this twelfth and final month of 2018, try to Do Everything Consistently — DEC— and if not everything, how ’bout 12 things? You can follow any of the 12 things Joy and I are each VERY consistent with:


  1. Bedtime
  2. Connecting with Friends
  3. Taking Good Care of Herself
  4. Planning Ahead and doing anything that can be done in advance.
    The only reason why Joy’s Thanksgiving table was not set until Wednesday was to honor her grand-daughter’s wish to set the table for her.


  1. Reviewing Commitments Daily – each evening to prepare for the next day
  2. Using Alarms so I don’t get too involved in anything or lose track of time
  3. Scheduling Things into my calendar so I have realistic expectations of what I can accomplish
  4. Being Green – I never mind taking time to recycle


  1. Making the Bed every morning
  2. Creating Lists (Kelly via Anylist, Joy on paper)
  3. Keeping a Calendar (Joy on paper, Kelly’s electronically)
  4. Admitting we are not perfect!Our secret: don’t beat yourself up when your consistency wanes. Get curious about WHY you haven’t yet mastered a new habit. Then adjust accordingly. Muscle-memory takes time!

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