OCT: Organize Cherished Time

In honor of National ADHD Awareness Month we want you to Organize Cherished Time.

Even if you don’t struggle with this diagnosis, TIME is something everyone battles. 

If you spend all your time & energy on the small stuff you will never have room for the things that are truly important.

Who doesn’t want more time? Too often, we spend time on other people’s “shoulds.” That can leave us feeling depleted and disconnected.



This October — ADHD or not — Organize Cherished Time for better health, stronger relationships and a happier you:

• block out sleep on your calendar

• make nutritious meals a priority 

• plan dates with friends

• invest time in a hobby

Each person is different…and you know what you tend to neglect.
— You may be strong with self care but not great nourishing relationships.
— You may be overly attentive to exercise but not mindful of nutrition or sleep.
— You might make work too high a priority and place too little emphasis on touch-ins with family members.
— You might be starving yourself spiritually or creatively.

Whatever YOU struggle with, schedule that time until it becomes a habit.  

If you are visual, like us, check out this video that illustrates that we can only fit everything in if we start with the big rocks…

Make time work for you, not against you this month

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