SEPT: Start Emergency Prepping Today

In honor of National Preparedness Month we want you to Start Emergency Prepping Today

While we’ve divided emergency prep into 4 distinct categories (physical, emotional, spiritual and financial), there is cross-over among them all.
• You may not feel comfortable inviting people in as your spiritual safety-net if your physical space is not inviting.
• You won’t be eager to create a digital photo album when your day-to-day routines aren’t running smoothly.
• You might not have energy to do anything other than work if your financial situation is precarious.

• Have emergency cash on hand. Experts suggest – at a minimum – 2 full gas tanks worth of cash in case you need to leave town. You decide what your family’s emergency cash allowance should be.
• Save enough to hold you through whatever financial storm may strike.
  Or START saving to build an emergency cushion.

• If you do not “run” the finances of your household, make sure you could! Find out with and from your partner/parent/financial advisor how to pay your ongoing bills, check what is outstanding, understand what is on auto-pay and linked to which accounts. This is important for as small a crisis as a stolen wallet. 

We suggest you focus on one “area” of prep each week. By the end of Sept, you’ll be prepared for a safe and successful year.
1: Take care of your physical space
2. Protect and examine your emotional well-being
3. Create a spiritual safety-net by reaching out to others
4. Build financial security to weather any storm.

We help people in ALL aspects of preparedness.
• We are physical experts in storage and space planning.
• We are non-judgmental partners who support you without shame
• We help connect you to your passions by clearing your path to what’s joyful in life.
• We protect your investment in your self by helping you maintain your daily routines.

Call us! We’d love to help you prepare for the JOYS and the “Oy’s” of life.

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