“Summer Slide” Survival Tips

“Summer Slide” refers to the loss of reading skills when not practiced. Let’s apply the term to household maintenance tasks, since backsliding occurs every summer.

These 1 hour projects are perfect any time of year but especially before September: 
Assess Fall wardrobes
— Look for fit and relevance to each person’s activities.
— Donate any “misfits” to make room for new items.
— Save time and money (and reduce stress) with a “to purchase” list.
— Then shop according to your list. 

• Take a Supply Inventory
— First tally what you already own of office and school supplies before you shop
— If you have school-age children, you’ll want to consult your teacher list first.
— Then shop at home from your own stash of notebooks, pens and markers.

Restock Your Pantry
— First, make sure the food in your pantry is fresh (fridge and cabinets items can expire and spoil). 
— Figure out what healthy grab-and-go snacks you and your family will enjoy and make sure you have plenty of the ingredients.
— Think ahead of your go-to weekday meals and restock your cabinets.
— Make sure your tupperware or pack-out containers are accessible.
In Kelly’s kitchen, tops and bottoms live together, so there’s never time wasted trying to find the right fit. 

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