AUG: Anything U Get!

AUG 2018 calendar

To kick off our 2nd year of monthly-themed decluttering tips, enjoy this client-inspired acronym: AUG: Anything U Get. We can’t say which amazing client gave us this title but, about her we CAN say…she: 

• is very organized but works with us so projects get done quickly and without overwhelm 

• owns few things if you don’t count books 😉 

• has trouble letting gifts from others go…hence our advice: Anything U Get — whether purchased or gifted MUST:

• bring you JOY (may be utilitarian “joy”)
We don’t expect you to love every item in your household…your toilet plunger may not inspire JOY but if it functions well when you need it, you can appreciate its utility. The less mediocre items you have and the more “wow” kitchen gadgets you actually use – the happier you’ll be.

• have a home
If you want to avoid clutter, your belongings need a place to “live.” Their “home” should be the right size, a location that suits how often you’ll need it, and accessible by the right people.
— For example, when teaching 
independence to toddlers, they need to be able to reach their sippy cups.

• add value to your life — if not, put it in the regift pile or donate it
Everyone should have an area designated for gifts that are perfectly acceptable but not suited for your life, the age of your kids or your home decor anymore. And each household benefits from a spot in the mudroom, garage, or hall closet that holds donations until the bag, bin or box is full. The sooner those items make it to your car trunk, the faster they will be out of your way!

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