Permission to Brag

Our favorite convos start: “you would be so proud”

followed by a litany of things sorted, donated and put away!

pad of paper with categories for listing items donated, surfaces cleared and goals achieved We love these boasts. We love cheerleading you on to be:
• your most organized self.
• your most on time self.
• your most I-can-find-what-I-need self.

The best part of these “brag” convos is when you share WHY you feel so good. It makes us feel so good because we don’t organize for the sake of organizing.
We teach people to deal with their space and stuff because…
• being organized makes life easier.
• having homes for things makes families happier.
• knowing things are where we left them makes bedtimes smoother.
• having joy in our space lets us invite people in more often.
• clutter is an emotional downer when we’re reminded of unfinished projects.
• clutter distracts us from our priorities.
• clutter interrupts our focus.

• for some, clutter is physically draining.

If you are struggling to find what you need when you need it, or can’t feel real peace of mind in your space — call us. We’d love to be your organizing experts and then you can brag about…US! And why you don’t feel overwhelmed anymore 🙂


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