OCT: Organize Chaos Today!

You know the clever acronym YOLO? It means You Only Live Once…

Calendar graphic displaying the month of OCTBy now, you’re probably hip to our series of catchy phrases encouraging decluttering inspired by the month’s abbreviation. This OCT, spend 30 minutes each week organizing chaos using the mantra organize chaos today.

Organize Chaos Today!
• Tame whatever physical craziness is crowding you
• Categorize any objects cluttering your surfaces
• Return items, no longer in use, to their “home”

• Toss anything you don’t need
• Take items to a donation center

Common chaotic areas are:
• cars (interior and trunk space)
• backpacks and gym bags
• kitchen counters and desk areas
  which might be the dining room table 😉

Make October an Organized Month!
Don’t be confined by OUR definition for October…Let us know if you like any of these acronyms better — follow the link to VOTE!:
Organize Categories Together
Organize — Categorize — Toss
Only Categorize Treasures
Insert Your Own Creative Idea

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