SEPT: Schedule Everyone’s Plans Together!

SEPT calendar graphic

You know the clever acronym FOMO? It’s the Fear Of Missing Out.

We’re continuing our own version of catchy phrases to encourage decluttering based on September’s abbreviation.

With the start of school, use SEPT to re-evaluate your schedule, priorities and time (even if you’re not a student or living with someone in school.)

Schedule Everyone’s Plans Together 

• Decide together what the new September bedtime is…grown-ups too!
• See every potential trap when plotting a large project and making plans.
• Consider how school-zone traffic may lengthen your travel.
• Be mindful of upcoming holidays — plan backward for deadlines.

And possibly most important, select a calendar that works for you. Paper, electronic, shared…we don’t care. As our favorite ADHD doctor, Ari Tuckman, always says: if you’re keeping all you have to do in your head, you’re not doing enough to fill your life.

Fill YOURS with joy and consider your time, energy and priorities to make September a successful month!

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