NOV: Nothing Outlasts Value

Don’t LOL (laugh out loud) when we say Nothing Outlasts Value
calendar graphic for November

So often we have to haul away donations of “disposable clothing” because one in every color was on sale. Or discuss how long to hold onto clothes whose alterations will cost more than the items themselves…

When you have to plunk down serious change for stuff, you become more selective with your purchases. Your discernment pays off; you have LESS to maintain, manage and store.

This isn’t just a wardrobe issue. Freebies and give-aways are burdens to society. And if taking in value-less items is not your problem, maybe this mantra will strike a truer chord:

Notch Ordinary VictoriesNot every accomplishment has to be outstanding to be worthy of noticing. Each series of ordinary victories builds to create momentum.

• Tiny measures add up.

• Small successes beget big goals met.

• Remember, every 1,000 mile journey begins with a step.

If you want to use some humor, note that you got out of bed when your alarm first sounded. Say it out-loud and nurture that sense of pride. Nourish that part of you that needs to remind itself you are a successful person even when you don’t complete the entire task at once.

Take lots of little steps this NOV and Notch Ordinary Victories so by the end of the month you can Note Outstanding Visions for your future.

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