DEC: Develop Expiration Criteria

Having teen kids and grandkids really keeps us young. So we know that BAE stands for Before Anyone Else…as in: “My BAE and I are staying in tonight.”

We’re also hip to YSK: for You Should Know as the preface to a post like: “We went out for dinner and YSK, we rarely dine out.” We’ve even texted IMHO: In My Humble Opinion.
Calendar graphic showing DECThat said — in our expert opinion — everyone should make 2018 their most organized year yet.

NOW is the time to Develop
Expiration Criteria 
for what needs to be fresher so you to thrive in — not just survive — 2018.

To help you we’ve created a MadLibs-inspired activity to craft your own guidelines. Even if you are not the literary-game-type, read the categories to spark ideas for how long you want to keep things. Click Here for Printable Madlibs

Click the link to the full page and have fun developing your own Expiration Criteria.


And check out this quick list about maintaining freshness of some of our least obvious, favorite things in life (just click the link): 
         • cosmetics

LOVE this idea but don’t know where to start? Call us. We are your best first step toward your dream 2018.

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