FEB: Find Everything Because…

You’ve probably seen TBT, Throw Back Thursday posts on Facebook. You can only “Throw-Back” if you can find your old photos. That’s why our monthly theme for FEB is: Find Everything Because: 

calendar graphic with FEB showing • Find what what you want
  It’s important, it has a home
• Find what you need
  You always put it back
• Find everything
  Nothing blocks your access

More specifically:
It has a home. Not just a place to live, but a place that makes sense.
• For items you use on a daily basis, they’re in the MOST accessible spot (not necessarily OUT).
• An added benefit of a proper place for things is the ability to direct others and delegate (labeling helps)! No more frustration at having to look for things yourself because YOU are the only one who knows where you last put something.

You always return things. Unless you are using something right now, it is put away. This means your scissors, check book and keys each have a designated spot…not to mention every other supply, article of clothing and household item. You can count on them being there because you have a routine around making sure you put items back.
While the benefits should be obvious we like to spell things out:
• imagine always being able to find your (fill in the blank with whatever you consistently lose)
• no more purchasing duplicates (no more wasted money)
• no more fruitless searches (think time saved!)

You maintain access. This is a biggie. Lots of people know where their things are, but they can’t always reach them. If you can’t get to your luggage or open the cabinet to your printer cartridges what’s the benefit to knowing where it is? You still have to go out and purchase more OR spend time clearing the way to access them. 

The best way to ensure you can get your hands on everything you own is to make sure you designate a home for all your stuff…and to eliminate things you don’t want or need (but that’s a whole ‘nother topic for another time).

Find Everything Because Everything Has a Home!

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