Go For Gold!

We had so much fun following this Winter Olympics. It doesn’t take much effort for us to wonder what lessons we can apply to organizing. Everyone who made their country’s Olympic team is a winner in our book. But in the Olympic world, coming in 4th does not win a medal. The lesson: Go For Gold!

When you look around your home, inside your cabinets and at your clothing:
• What’s podium-worthy?
• Does everything belong on the team?
• If your ________  (fill in the blank) is not a Gold, Silver, or Bronze why keep it?




If you’re not ready to Go For Gold:
Can you justify all the “runners-up” you maintain?
Can you afford to hold on to “losers”?
Is the real estate you’re giving up to a 5th or 6th placer okay with you? 

Become a medal snob — Go For Gold! And make sure everything you own, store and maintain helps you act, look and feel like a WINNER.

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• Joy relished watching her favorites from Sochi skate to music with LYRICS!
• Kelly loved watching athletes compete for the first time on the slopes and ice
• How ’bout the Shiffrin mother-daughter partnership?!

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