Go Ahead: Ask!

There’s no shame in asking for help.

“I surrender! I am admitting defeat and I need your help.” “I am waving my white flag.” These are quotes from new clients. It wasn’t just their playroom and newly remodeled kitchen crying out for our help; their low confidence was pleading for a boost. Getting organized is hurdle enough — so feeling hopeless about your clutter can knock the wind out of anyone’s sail. You don’t need to hit rock bottom before asking for help. Seeking expert advice is a GOOD THING! If your appendix burst, you wouldn’t think to fix it on your own…so why would you suddenly be able to solve your filing system that hasn’t worked for 10 years? We can’t do HALF of the incredible things our clients can do, but we can help you feel less overwhelmed in your office, bedroom, closet, and kitchen…you just have to ask.
Hiring us to help you organize your life, de-clutter a room, or teach you how to follow through on paper tasks is NOT a sign of weakness…it is a bold strategic move in the right direction — toward clearer spaces and a free-er mind.
Go Ahead: Ask! is our 6th organizing post of 2013.

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