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Guard Against Over-Buying

Our 5 prompts will help you steer clear of over-spending

Ask yourself the following 5 questions to improve your immunity to over-buying and over-spending.

1. This was NOT an impulse purchase; Your purchase item has been on your list or you’ve researched how to obtain it…NOT because you have another one “just like this at home” that you can’t find.

2. You can afford to pay for this with cash; Credit is a wonderfully convenient method of payment IF you have the money in the bank and you always pay your bills on time.

3. This purchase fulfills a real want OR need in your life; Too often our purchases are motivated by someone else’s vision of who we should be…or an old vision of who we are. Don’t succumb to peer-pressure.

4. Your newest acquisition will get used in the next week; Guard against stock-piling and bulky extras. If you’ve found an INCREDIBLE sale or opportunity…first: RESIST! Then truly decide if you need it and will use it in the next 6 months.

5. You know where this — skirt, 6 pack of Vitamin water, or juicer — will live; Buying something to sit on the floor — tag still on — until you make room in your closet, pantry, or on your counter-top is the fastest way to invite piles and unwanted clutter clogging your home.

Maintaining progress and then some…

“Come see what I did!” is the newest growing client trend to make us smile.
Though we keep details and client specifics confidential, the KIND of work we do is always worth sharing. Organizers call it transfer of skills: it’s really teaching clients how to organize for themselves.  Before and After shots of an organized closet
• “Come see what I did!” A new client invited us in to reorganize her closet. We emptied the closet, helped her decide what fit, is flattering, and deserved to stay. We put her belongings back according to categories (day-to-day wear, summer shoes, pocketbooks, formal-wear). She got motivated and was inspired to tackle her front hall closet on her own. She couldn’t wait to show us when we arrived for our next appointment. Before and After photos of an organized mudroom cabinet. 
•  “Ta-da! Look what I fixed.” A steady client brought us in to help with her storage room and home office…which led to kids’ rooms and her dining-room (to prep for a party). Now she routinely invites us to remedy the hot spots in her household: most recently the mudroom. At our last appointment, she invited me into her kitchen for the big reveal; she had turned her own organizing eyes on a kitchen corner that has been bottling up for months.
Beyond transferring skills, we build our clients’ sense of self. This new CONFIDENCE is the fuel they need to tackle cluttered areas on their own. We arm our clients with organizing tools and strategies that help them decide the best step toward solving their clutter issues.

Clutter is…

Our favorite umbrella term for clutter is: Clutter is postponed decisions® Our colleague Barbara Hemphill coined this phrase and it can apply to EVERYTHING. But sometimes a more literal formula is helpful:
• Do I love it?
• Do I use it?
• Does it lift my energy?

So many of us surround ourselves with things that: we don’t love, don’t lift our energy, and we no longer use. If you are willing to cut clutter from your life this July, you must be able to answer “yes” to 2 out of the 3 questions for an object to earn its place in your home.

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