In honor of Mother’s Day, our favorite before and after shots

Kelly (10) and Joy (34) Summer of 1978Kelly (43) and Joy (67) Summer of 2012





The years have flown by. In the ‘before’ photo (1978) we are strictly mother and daughter. In the ‘after’ (2012), we have maintained that loving fun relationship but we’ve added the dimension of business partners. How lucky can 2 gals get! Maybe at some point in the future we will add a third generation to our business photo album. Since Kelly has three children, the odds are in our favor. Happy Mother’s Day to you. From our hearts to yours: may your day be full of fond memories of mom, the ability to create new memories with the caring women in your life, and time to celebrate the lively children in your life  — no matter their age.

Client Trends: The benefits of saying “No”

Though our client work is confidential and private the KIND of work we do
is worth sharing:
  • Our clients are highly, productive individuals both in and out of the house…which leads many to take on more work or volunteer jobs than humanly possible!
    — we teach that every time you say “yes” you are saying “no” to some thing or some one else!
  • Some of our newest clients struggle with chronic illnesses. We are especially gratified when we help them say NO to their old way of living and YES to healthier lifestyles and environments.
    — this includes setting up clearly defined, labeled prescription centers and streamlining snacks so kids can be more independent now that Mom’s energy is limited
  • We have a few over-buyers as clients. On-line purchasing may claim to be hassle-free but from our perspective it the easiest way to get into trouble
    we coach clients to NOT ‘click here to confirm your order.’ Instead, we go shopping in their own closets; it’s more fun, more creative, and space saving!

Lessons Learned by Joy at NAPO conference 2013Lessons Learned
at Conference

It was especially rewarding to be at Conference with Kelly since we could brainstorm all the different ideas and concepts we learned and also have quality free time in New Orleans. Some of the highlights, for me, were the panel discussions where organizers ask a select group of veteran organizers questions ranging from marketing to hands-on situations. The other highlight was a session called Customer Service by Peter Shankman. I second his belief that the best form of advertising is referrals. We are so grateful for the recent surge in new clients. We never tire of saying thank you and always appreciate you sharing wAsk The Organizer Panelith friends, family, and colleagues how our work impacts your life! Peter’s parting words during his Keynote address were “fun is contagious and so is smiling” — I’ve taken his advice to heart — not hard when I love my work!


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