Valentine Advice: KISS More!

This Valentine Day, we have to ask… Do you KISS enough? 
Not in your love life — in your home life?
We’re in love with the design principle K.I.S.S.

Coined by aircraft engineer Kelly Johnson, Keep It Simple Stupid or the more playful Keep It Simple Silly was popular in the 70’s for its push to simplify.

It’s known by some variations: 
 • Keep It Simple Sailor
   (popular in the Navy)
• Keep It Short and Simple
• Keep It Simple and Straightforward

We’re following our own advice and keeping this message short and simple. herever you can, simplify.

Get our help streamlining your life.
Simplify your household systems:
• rethink mail flow
• replan laundry day
• re-envision food pantry restocking

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