NOV: Never Overlook Vertical Space

Walls can be such overlooked storage, decor and utility opportunities. The backs of doors, insides of cabinets and sides of dressers are all “walls” of space waiting to be put to use.

NOVs advice…Never again Overlook Vertical Space.
Look up, look around, along the side of furniture, above windows, next to light switches. Discover where you need a splash of color, a place to hang a tool, or a message center.

Use vertical storage to:
• free up a desk surface
• clear a countertop
• hang items vertically instead of resting horizontally (aka cluttering)  

Kitchens & bathrooms
rely on the vertical plane for wall mounted cabinets. 
There’s also:
• spice shelving
• pots & pans racks
• apron hooks
• mirrors
• towel bars
All use vertical space!

How about less considered rooms?
Where can you hang:
• key hooks
• mail baskets
• dog leashes
• scissors
Add a pair to your laundry area with a magnetic hook on your washer, dryer or overflow refrigerator.
Put what you need — where you need it!

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