JUN: Jen Usually Needs…

If you’re anything like our client, Jen (not her real name), you can sometimes get caught up in a procrastination loop or a swirl of confusion around:
•  what’s next
•  how to proceed
•  or how to get it done — whatever “it” is. 

This June, and throughout the year, Jen Usually Needs

Jen, and others, benefit from external motivators. Large projects and looming deadlines can create overwhelm which clouds thinking. A body double — someone who is “with” you while you work — keeps you focused and anchored to the task at hand.

What Jen, and many of our clients, appreciates from our body doubling is a trusted and judgment-free sounding board to:
• refine decisions
• double check priorities
• collaborate with another, even on solo tasks.

A by-product of body doubling is accountability. Beyond providing the structure to focus and collaborate, body doubles allow people to FINISH. Bonus: your accountability partner gets to witness this job “done” and celebrate with you!

Try body doubling: 
Schedule a virtual session with Joy or Kelly to: 
• focus your energy 
• get clear on your priorities 
• stay on task for your project
• and finish!

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