Kelly’s Home Show Success

Home  Show Button for ticketsThursday, February 7 was my spotlight day at the Philadelphia Home Show.

At my NAPO chapter’s Ask the Expert booth a lot of awareness was raised for our profession and the work that we do to cut stress and improve efficiency. I provided 15 minute consults with Home Show attendees.

The challenging consults were the couples who clearly labeled one spouse as the ’cause’ for the household disorganization. I worked to diffuse the accusatory tone in these relationships. We see first-hand people sabotaged in their efforts to become more organized. Some of what Joy and I do on-the-ground is to help bolster the ‘disorganized’ spouse and re-orient the ‘blaming’ partner. (Though Joy and I are not trained therapists there is an emotional component to many situations).

I was tickled to have three fruitful conversations with potential organizers. They were checking to see if our NAPO Chapter was a welcoming group. We are the MOST welcoming because we do not see each other as competition.

Our chapter motto is: “Together we are better.” There is a true spirit of camaraderie and open sharing of information. It’s also a creed that Joy and I live by in our business.

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