Ask “Why?” before you buy

Before you shop follow our pre-purchase check list:

• Why do I need this?
• Can I afford it right now?
• Where will it ‘live’?
• How do I feel? (am I trying to fill an emotional void)
• What would happen if I waited?

Think before you click option

Depending on your situation you might change the order of these targeted questionsto ask yourself before making an unnecessary purchase.
It can be helpful to have a preprinted list in your wallet or taped to your computer screen to make you “Think before you Click.”

If you KNOW you need it, and you can afford it, but you haven’t a clue where to put it…or you know there must be a better place than where you assigned its home CALL US. We’re terrific at thinking outside of the box, or cabinet, or fridge, or pantry, or laundry room, or bedside table or linen closet…

Our list goes on — for fabulous solutions to your everyday challenges.

Ask “Why?” before you buy! is our 2nd organizing blog of 2013.

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