Coping with Covid-19 from Home

We doubt anyone will escape this time without at least one challenge.

Socially distancing can be difficult on lots of levels. How well we adapt to change will depend partly on our mindset and the tools available to us to cope with change. Some of us love the freer flow to the day (Joy) and others find the change unsettling (Kelly).

We are not therapists but we are going through the same adjustment.
We suggest you:

Recognize What Is Missing From Your Life due to social distancing guidelines and Find Healthy Substitutes

If group exercise or your gym kept you sane:
• follow a video or online option for exercise
• the great outdoors await (and if you’re in Wynnewood, our dogs are available as “loaners” 😉
If you crave social interaction:
• switch from in-person to online — a positive form of screen time
• go retro and call friends, neighbors or extended family

Especially fun if you don’t talk while playing

If engaging your kids is a struggle: enlist the help of grandparents or out of town relatives to do story-time, play a game online or share family recipes over Facetime
• take advantage of more home-based time to enjoy your family and live in the here and now…current Galfand favorites:

Best w/ at least 
3 reading-age people

Code Names or The Game: everyone plays toward a common goal
If alone time is your thing: 
• institute a quiet hour within your household
• be flexible swapping roles with your partner/kids/housemates in exchange for a little solitude…
If you are missing a sense of purpose:
• check in on extended family members
or neighbors by phone
• cook or bake for others within walking distance and follow extreme hygienic kitchen practices
Lost revenue is the hardest to combat:
• you can (and probably will be forced to) scale back on-line shopping
• get creative with food prep using items from your pantry; it’s money already spent. You can find a recipe on-line for almost anything!

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