MAR: Make Adjustments Routinely

Our monthly themed blogs are BACK! (Chalk their return up to 1 positive of social-distancing).

This MAR: Make Adjustments Routinely. We don’t just mean adjust your routine…we also mean make adjustments to your schedule on a regular basis and as often as needed.

I am trying to build in as much structure as I can for myself and for our kids on “extended Spring Break” soon-to-be distance learning from college.

One routine we’ve created is a daily block to cook. I am preparing weekly dinners with more care than I invested when I was working full time. Our kids are making their breakfasts from scratch and preparing meals and baking treats with Joy — a definite benefit to living on the same street!

Joy and grand-daughter, Gefen cooking quiche. We are also scheduling time as a family to watch documentaries we have had on our family list for a while. Maybe YOUR routine will focus on organizing projects you’ve wanted to tackle.
• Or podcasts you’ve been meaning to tune in to.
• Or visit museums on-line for virtual cultural tours.
• Or finally turn to your next few “To Read” titles. 

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