So Your Bracket Isn’t Perfect

Who’s is?! With March Madness,* in full swing, and so many upsets, nobody we know has a perfect bracket. Perfection is NEVER the goal at home.

Calm, order, reliability — that sureness that when you need something, it will be in its place. THAT’s what people crave.

So this March, be Mindful And Reflective all month:
• What is crowding your court?
• What is foul among your stuff?
• What needs to be cut from your wardrobe?
Use time “brackets” every day to cull your belongings to a team of winners.
Calendar graphic showing current month: MarchEvery time you get dressed, pick a category of clothes to winnow: socks tomorrow, underwear the next day, a pair of shoes or boots on Saturday destined for donation. It’s not all about team cuts…sometimes you’ll need to consider “who” are your worthy bench warmers?
Declare Sundays your follow through, slam-dunk days.

If you really want to pare down, but you’re struggling on your own: Call us.

* March Madness is an intense College Basketball tournament played over 4 weeks. “Selection Sunday” was March 11 when the team pairings were revealed. 
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