APR: Approach Projects Realistically

You probably know by now: our clever acronyms — while tied to each month — are appropriate year-round. So….even though April is at a close, our advice to APR: Approach Projects Realistically, is timeless!

calendar graphic showing AprilApproach Projects Realistically:
• consider lots of factors for success
• distill goals into manageable mini tasks
• identify each next actionable step
• carve out time to follow through

Here’s how:
1. Give yourself as much lead time as possible.
2. Block out working time during your freshest part of each day.
3. Estimate how long each piece of the puzzle will take.

4. Set deadlines along the way to your ultimate due date.

Additional tips: 
5. Allow for interruptions! 
6. Build in small rewards for each completed piece to maintain momentum.
7. Assemble a support team so even solo-projects benefit from cheerleaders and sounding boards for collaboration.*

The payoff for Approaching Projects Realistically:
• You get to enjoy the process.
• The final outcome is thoughtfully executed.
• You avoid burnout so the next project runs smoothly.

Did you know that we can help you plan out projects, not just organize your space?
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