Start 2017 with a (dinner) Plan

a colorful bowl of vegetables with the slogan MENU PLAN

If you’ve been following our blog, you know Kelly helped a client create a monthly meal plan to eliminate dinner, shopping, and food-prep stress. The solution was so successful, Kelly uses it herself. Check out the blank form so YOU can customize your meals and start the year healthy and organized.

• Build in some “auto-pilot” meals
• Consider your weekday schedule and use your weekends to prep!
• Rotate the types of meals you eat 

Here’s an editable file to menu plan: monthly-meal-plan-jan-2017-blank

Galfand Monthly Meal Plan










Kelly’s full menu plan: monthly-meal-plan-jan-2017

Kelly’s dinner plan includes:
• A loose rotation of vegetarian, meat and fish dishes.
• An emphasis on soups for the winter season.
• Consideration of friends and family members to connect with during the week.
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