Create and Maintain Order


1. A place for everything and everything in its place
Regularly return items from your household’s “hot spots” to their rightful homes: especially items on kitchen countertops, piled in deep windowsills, and on staircases.

2.  In one — out one, or two or three
Catch up to calm by removing older items for each new item in. Apply this rule to newspapers, magazines, and books first; they pile up the quickest.

3. Give away and donate often
Every household member should have a spot for outgrown/unwanted clothes or other give-aways: a cubby in the mudroom, a crate in the garage, a hook on the door to the basement…you get the idea. Donate when the container is full.

4. Develop “clean-out” habits
Maintain order by adding clean-out activities to existing routines.
Areas that could use a weekly “sweep” are:
• wallets bursting with old receipts
• backpacks filled with with spoiled food
• briefcases holding old projects
• sports bags carrying dirty clothes

5. Create activity zones
First define the activity. It could be:
• packing out lunches
• loading weekly medications
• recycling paper and plastics
• or caring for a pet
Next, gather all of the tools necessary and store them within reach.

6. Snapshot to save
Maintain memories digitally to gain physical space; a photo of a bulky craft project, favorite jacket from college, or beloved stuffed animal often allows you to let go of the object. You may even regain emotional space!

7. Limit treasures
Most people have too many reminders of the same era or cherished person. You don’t have to keep all of Grandma Helen’s stuff on display…one unique conversation piece is enough to spark her spirit and keep her top-of-mind.

8. Invite company and often!
DO NOT sweep everything into a bag and hide it in the closet. To actually get the decluttering done, set a timer for 20 minutes and really put things away — working against the clock makes everything go faster.

Share one of your family’s routines that adds JOY In Your Space

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